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Strong teeth and a healthy mouth depend on the presence of healthy gums undisturbed by gum disease. To keep your gums healthy, you need to practice effective oral hygiene every day, including brushing and flossing away any bacteria. If you are concerned about keeping your gums healthy and avoiding gum disease, our team is here to help!

The presence of food particles, plaque and other substances rich in bacteria can increase your risk of developing tartar along your teeth and gum line, which can result in a periodontal inflammation, also known as gingivitis.

You may have gingivitis already if you are experiencing inflamed gums that bleed when brushed or flossed and your mouth seems to have persistent bad breath. These conditions should be examined by Dr. Gustavo Ruiz as soon as possible to determine if you have a periodontal issue.

Our team offers a variety of effective gum treatments to improve the health of your gums. This may include changing up your flossing technique to be more effective at cleaning your gums and behind your molars or receiving a deep cleaning to clear tartar from below the gum line.

To speak with our dentist about your options for gum disease treatment in Tampa, Florida, please feel free to contact Periodontal and Implant Esthetics at 813-289-3640 today for an appointment.