Restoring a Tooth with a Dental Implant

In many cases of severe tooth decay or dental trauma which impacts the root of a tooth, the dental restoration at Periodontal and Implant Esthetics can apply root canal therapy. Frequently known as a root canal, this removes any tissues or tooth enamel before bringing back any internal structures. In... Read more »

Basic Daily Habits Can Help Preserve and Maintain Your New Denture

The complete denture provided to you by Dr. Gustavo Ruiz and his associates has been designed to replicate your missing or compromised teeth. Even though it was created from special materials that will not succumb to tooth decay, you will still need to provide the dental appliance with some daily... Read more »

Can Your Oral Health Be Improved with Healthy Food Choices?

Are you aware that your diet can play a significant role in your oral health? Knowing what to eat can be the difference of a healthy smile and one overcome with cavities and other oral ailments. Your diet can improve your oral health, so make healthy food choices. Eating healthy... Read more »

Am I a Good Candidate for Implants?

Dental implants have become a very popular method for restoring missing teeth. With dental implants, your replacement teeth are set on titanium posts that have been placed directly into your jawbone. The body reacts very well to titanium, and the jawbone will grow around the implants, not only holding the... Read more »

You Can Get Your Smile Back on Track With the Help of Bone Grafting

Do you have teeth missing in your smile? And if so, are you hesitant to smile in social situations? Well, bone grafting can help you recover the smile you deserve. Thanks to dental implants made possible by bone grafting, your confident smile can be restored whether teeth have been lost... Read more »

With Dental Implants, Your Favorite Foods Are Not off the Menu

When you have all of your teeth in your smile, and they are healthy, you can freely chew and eat all of the nutrient-rich foods that strengthen your pearly whites while nourishing your gums. Although dentures have the ability to restore your smile’s appearance when teeth are lost, still, dentures can't... Read more »

A Knocked Out Tooth Might Be Treated by Different Methods

When a tooth is knocked out by an accident, injury, or other form of oral trauma the pain can be severe. This often calls for quality first-aid while seeking treatment at Dr. Gustavo Ruiz’s clinic in Tampa, Florida. If the tooth was cleanly knocked out of the socket, you can... Read more »

Are There Multiple Stages of Periodontal Disease?

Are you suffering from periodontal disease? Although it is a common oral ailment, there are many different stages of periodontal disease, with each one progressively worse than its predecessors. If you do begin to notice any signs of periodontal disease, also commonly called gum disease, it is important to take... Read more »

Being Fitted for Dentures Might Require Multiple Tooth Extractions

Over the years, multiple problems with tooth decay and chronic periodontal disease can actively compromise more-and-more teeth in your mouth. This can result in the loss of multiple teeth, or teeth with severely weakened roots. A mouth in this condition could prove challenging to restore with multiple dental implants mounted... Read more »

A Severely Decayed and Extracted Tooth Might Need to Be Replaced by a Dental Implant

A cavity often starts out small and can even go undetected at first. If you aren’t diligent about regularly attending your routine dental checkup, an area of tooth decay can penetrate deep into the tooth. This can also compromise so much of the dental structure that it causes a severe... Read more »