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Have you ever heard of a periodontist? If not, that’s OK! A periodontist is a specialist that can help you with complicated conditions like dental implants and gum disease. A periodontist has endured extra years of education and training, so you know if you are with a periodontist, you are in good hands and will have excellent care.

Our dentist, Dr. Gustavo Ruiz, is happy to help you understand more about this unique branch of dentistry. That is why our team at Periodontal and Implant Esthetics in Tampa, Florida, has provided you with this information, so you can see how a periodontist can help you.

Here are some facts on what a periodontist is:

– Periodontists are specially trained in the application and restoration of dental implants.
– Your periodontist will be able to provide you with procedures such as scaling, root planning and a root surface debridement.
– Periodontists typically have to receive up to three years of training after their dental school training is over.
– If you require treatment for periodontal disease, visit your periodontist.
– The study of periodontics refers to a field of dentistry designed to focus on any diseases and infections within your gum tissues and supporting structures around your teeth.

As you can see, there are many ways a periodontist can help you. If you need assistance or would like to make an appointment, please call us today at 813-289-3640 and make an appointment.