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Have you heard the word LANAP® before? Laser Periodontal Therapy is laser used in periodontics to help gum tissue regenerate, and is also used to successfully regenerate alveolar bone. This form of laser dentistry allows various dental procedures to be more comfortable even as it diminishes the time to complete a treatment. Thanks to the laser technology, there is no need for incisions to be made and therefore no stitches or sutures are necessary. This ensures that your time with us is pleasant and allow to relax with confidence.

At Periodontal and Implant Esthetics in Tampa, Florida, Dr. Gustavo Ruiz and our team are excited to offer this treatment option for our patients. This versatile treatment has a variety of applications and can harden a dental filling, treat painful canker or cold sores in the mouth, speed up the teeth whitening process, recontour your gum line, safely remove damaged parts of a tooth. This dental laser will not only shorten treatment time but will speed up healing while lowering the risk of infection after your treatment.

If you are interested in the benefits of LANAP for your dental issues, we invite you to visit our team to learn more or to schedule a consultation by calling 813-289-3640 in Tampa, Florida, today. Dr. Gustavo Ruiz along with the rest of our team are happy to provide you with a successful smile in comfort!